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Wanna touch Your life? Try BLUES!

Official trailer 2019

A music documentary for guitar lovers and blues.

Billy Gibbons or Eric Clapton have one thing in common. - electric guitars from a  Czech guitar manufacturer Peter Jurkovič. Based on his story, a movie was created, that connects artists of Blues musical scene.

"Blues is a clear but incomprehensible feeling," says Ivan Hlas.  Also other musicians and artists such as Stefan Milkov, Billy F Gibbons, Petar Introvic, Norbi Kovacs share their life blues, that would not be complete without a guitar.

Electric guitars were scarce goods in socialist Czechoslovakia. When guitars could not be bought abroad, they had to be made at home. RNDr. Jurkovic achieved to create high quality hand-made guitars by using a scientific approach.

Most of Jurkovič guitars ended up in the hands of Czech musicians, from  a bass player Vladimír “Guma” Kulhánek to Janek Ledecký. World guitarists such as Billy F Gibbons ZZ Top, Eric Clapton or Jeff Beck also enjoy playing guitars designed by Jurkovič together with Stephan Milkov.

Peter Jurkovič was not only a guitar maker but also a music and lyrics writer for Czech bands:  Bluesberry, Tucet, Žáha, Jurkovič & Motion Food and more ...

Documentary, produced and directed by Michal Rákosník brings the viewer closer to the the atmosphere of the 1980s and 1990s. 

The film was co-produced by Groove Production and Czech Television and will be screened by Pilot Film in autumn 2019.

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Michal Rakosnik
(film debut)

Guitar player, producer, director, Bluesman film theme author and screenplay writer.
2006–2019 cooperation on programs Czech TV, Nova TV, Prima TV.
Member of a music band Jurkovič & Motion Food.
Music clips - Jurkovič & Motion Food and more.